Gas Explosions 17 Years Apart Level Homes on Same Site in Romeoville, IL

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Two people were injured in a gas leak that caused two homes to explode in Romeoville, IL on the same site where a 1999 gas leak explosion destroyed 40 homes and injured eight people. The explosion at a townhouse complex on Tuesday, October 11, occurred near the intersection of Strawford Court and Wespark Boulevard. Two Nicor Gas employees were injured in the blast. One of them remains hospitalized.

Two Nicor Gas employees were injured in the blast. One of them remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Labraya Jordan recounted for the Chicago Tribune how she saw workers from a cable company drilling across the street from her Romeoville home Tuesday afternoon and, worried about a recurrence of an explosion, warned them to stop. Hours later two homes in a five-unit condominium complex were leveled and a third was damaged.

The cable company, MetroNet Inc, based in Evansville, IN told the Chicago Tribune Wednesday that a contractor struck an unmarked gas main while drilling in an approved area on Tuesday. But the cause of the explosion is still under official investigation. On Wednesday, dozens of fire investigators were on the scene along with NICOR and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives employees.

In 2009, a gas explosion in a different part of Romeoville left one woman with severe burns on a significant portion of her body. She required skin graft surgery in her arms. She won a $3.1 million settlement after filing suit against Nicor.

Gas Line Ruptures

Gas line ruptures can occur if the gas company has not maintained the pipeline, such as neglecting to perform frequent water-pressure checks to detect cracks on a gas line;  or by someone physically striking and rupturing the pipeline.





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