Friends Rally for Truck Crash Victim

Friends, family and acquaintances of a young truck accident victim have raised more than $33,700 of their $50,000 Go Fund Me goal in just 12 days. She was six months pregnant when she died from injuries she suffered in a semi-truck crash in mid-December. On December 19, 2016, the large commercial truck rear-ended a pickup that became airborne and landed atop her car.

Utah Highway Patrol documented the devastating collision, which occurred on northbound Interstate 15, near milepost 140. Highway Patrol Sergeant Jacob Cox told local reporters that the driver of the yellow semi-truck failed to slow down when traffic snarled from an initial accident near Cove Fort, Utah. The tractor trailer slammed into a Ford F350 and the pickup landed on the Volkswagen Jetta. The impact also pushed the Jetta into the rear of another semi. According to the Highway Patrol, first responders found a pulse on the driver of the Volkswagen and had her flown to Utah Valley Hospital. Her sister, a passenger in the car, was seriously injured in the crash, but survived.

Tips for Families Victimized by Truck Accidents

The most important thing we stress is not to talk to the trucking company or their insurance company, or to sign any papers until you have consulted with a lawyer.

Choose a lawyer right away. Delays can damage the quality of your case because evidence can be lost, damaged or destroyed. Trucking companies are allowed to destroy critical evidence if your lawyer does not intervene for you.

Be aware of truck lawsuit options. Liable companies can include the owner of the rig; the companies that own freight on the rig; the manufacturer of the cab, trailer or any truck part; a third-party maintenance company.

Ask your lawyer to invest in a high-quality reconstruction of the accident.

Remember the trucking industry is regulated by both federal and state governments.  This is significant legally, because an accident caused, even in part, by a violation of a law or regulation may lead to higher compensation for anyone injured in the accident.

Truck Traffic Accident

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