Flower Branch Apartment Explosion Investigated

A gas leak may have been the cause of a deadly explosion at an apartment complex.

Seven bodies have been found at the site of an apartment explosion in Silver Spring, Maryland. Authorities believe these are 7 of the 8 people missing after the blast:

  • Fernando Josue Hernandez Orellana, age 3;
  • Deibi Samir Lainez Morales, age 8;
  • Aseged Mekonen, age 34;
  • Saeda Ibrahim, age 41;
  • Maria Auxiliadorai Castellon-Martinez, age 53;
  • Oscar Armando Ochoa, age 55;
  • Augusto Jimenez Sr., age 62; and
  • Saul Paniagua, age 65.

The explosion and resulting fire at the Flower Branch Apartments also injured over 30 people.


The source of the blast is still not know. Investigators are looking for evidence of a gas leak as the investigation continues this morning.

Below is a video of the blast from a news report taped the morning after the blast. At that time, two bodies had been found. Residents described a huge explosion that shook the building, and already, a gas leak was the suspected cause. A 911 call from the building had reported a gas smell.

Residents of the apartment complex say they have also smelled gas in other buildings.

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