Fatal Mobile Home Fire in Montrose, Iowa

Three people died and one was severely burned in a mobile home fire in Montrose, Iowa, on January 11, 2016. The Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office has not released any information regarding the cause of the fire, which remains under investigation.

Officials have not released the names of those who did not survive.

Jacob Glen Russell of Keokuk, Iowa, suffered severe burns and other injuries, according to news reports.

What Started the Fire?

When firefighters arrived at the home, it was consumed by flames.

“Death from fires and burns are the sixth most common cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. . . . More than (3/4) of burn deaths occurring in the United States are in the home. Mobile home fires carry twice the death rate as other dwellings. . . . In 40% of the cases, the cause of the fire was unknown, 31% were caused by accidental explosions, such as electric, gasoline, or kerosene appliances, and 29% were due to other causes (Mullins).”

In some cases a landlord, gas company, mobile home park management and owner can be sued for compensation. Before this can happen, there needs to be sufficient evidence to support the personal injury or wrongful death claim. An attorney with fire and explosion experience should be contacted.


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