Car Rear Ends Motorcycle in Waseca County, Injuring Cyclist

A BMW motorcycle and a Buick Lesabre were traveling westbound on U.S. Highway 14 at MN Highway 13 at milepost 161 in Waseca County. The Lesabre rear ended the motorcycle, injuring the motorcyclist, a man from Owatonna, Minnesota.

The 4-lane road was dry at the time of the crash.

Assisting at the scene were the Waseca County Sheriff Office, Waseca Police Department, Waseca Fire and North Ambulance.

The information above is part of the preliminary report issued by the Minnesota State Patrol.

Motorcycle Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injury

Head injury is one of the most common injuries sustained by motorcyclists. Even with a helmet on during a crash, the rider may suffer head injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), one of the most severe and costly injuries an accident victim can sustain. TBI can lead to a lifetime of disability and result in months of rehabilitation and substantial long-term-care expenses. Motorcyclists with a TBI are less likely to be discharged home and more likely to require rehabilitation or to be discharged to a long-term carefacility following their hospitalization, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Settlement for Head Injury

Albert was riding his motorcycle when a car pulled in front of him. When he hit the car, he was hurled nearly 60 feet. He was not wearing a helmet and broke his temple bone, had bleeding on the brain, and lost hearing in one ear. Attorney Fred Pritzker won Eventually, he had to close his recently opened janitorial business because he physically couldn’t do it.

Attorney Fred Pritzker obtained a settlement of over a million dollars on behalf of Albert, giving him the financial security to get his life back on track


Our motorcycle accident lawyers help motorcyclists obtain compensation and justice.

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