After a Tonka Truck purchased at a Toys R Us store in Washington burst into flames, the company pulled them from store shelves. The Consumer Products Safety Commission is now investigating the incident.

Roxsane and Delmond Harden of Bellingham, WA were driving home from Toys R Us with the 12-volt Tonka Mighty Wheels dump truck they had purchased for their grandson in the bed of their pickup truck when it self-combusted. It began with sparks and smoke and then erupted into a fire that shot 15 to 20-foot flames into the air. The heat from the fire shattered the glass of the pickup’s windows

In a statement,Toys ‘R’ Us said : “Although this appears to be an isolated incident, out of an abundance of caution we are implementing a stop-sale and pulling the item from our stores and pending further investigation. In the meantime, we are working closely with Dynacraft, the manufacturer, to determine the cause.”

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