15 Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes

Diabetes and Food Safety Infographic

What Not to Eat if You Have Diabetes

  1. Raw or undercooked meat, poultry or seafood, including smoked fish that is not reheated.
  2. Unpasteurized (raw) milk and products, like cheese, made from raw milk.
  3. Raw or undercooked eggs.
  4. Raw sprouts.
  5. Unwashed fruits and vegetables.
  6. Produce that is bruised, looks old or is obviously damaged.
  7. Unpasteurized apple juice or cider.
  8. Soft cheeses, including Feta, Brie, Camembert, queso fresco, particularly if they are made with raw milk.
  9. Hot dogs and deli meats that have not been reheated.
  10. Refrigerated pâté or other meat spread.
  11. Any food needing refrigeration that has been unrefrigerated for over 2 hours, one hour if the air temperature is over 90°F.
  12. Food that is past its expiration or best-if-used-by date.
  13. Food that is sold in an unclean place.
  14. Home-canned food.
  15. Commercial canned goods that have dents, cracks or bulging lids.

Learn about diabetes and food poisoning.

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