Sherburn, Minnesota, Man Killed in Jackson County Crash

Last night, June 18, 2015, a crash in Jackson County, Minnesota, tragically took the life of a man from Sherburn, according to the state patrol. A teenager was driving a Pontiac Grand Prix southbound on Jackson County Road 29. At the same time, a Dodge Charger was heading eastbound on County Road 34. At the intersection of those roads, the Pontiac ran the stop sign and crashed into the Dodge, which started on fire.

Jackson Ambulance, Jackson Fire and Alpha Fire assisted. The two passengers in the Pontiac were also injured in the accident.

Questions that Need Answers

  1. Was alcohol involved, and if so, where had the teen been drinking?
  2. Was the teen speeding?
  3. Did he have his license, and if so, how long?
  4. Was the Pontiac recently serviced and was there any connection between that and the crash?
  5. Was the Dodge recently serviced, and if so, did that have any connection to the fire?
  6. Did a defective part cause or contribute to the fire?

Fatal car crashes like these give rise to wrongful death claims. These are statutory, meaning the legislature enacted a specific law to give families this right.

Wrongful Death Accident

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