Semi-Trailer Driver Charged for Illegal U-Turn, Fatal Crash

Yesterday, a semi-trailer driver illegally turned his big rig around on Route 419 in Lebanon Township. He had missed his turn, and instead of turning around safely, he tried to make a u-turn. His decision ended a life.

At about 8:30 p.m., after the sun was down and the roads dark, the truck driver was driving east on Route 419. He missed his intended turn onto State Drive and kept driving east until he got to the intersection of Route 419 and Rexmont Road. There, he attempted to make a u-turn. His trailer was completely blocking both lanes of Route 419 when a car rounded a curve and ran into the trailer.

The driver of the car was killed, and his wife was severely injured. She was taken to Hershey Medical Center.

Questions that Need Answers in Cases Like This

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Was the truck driver qualified?

How much training did he have?

Did he have a record of traffic violations?

How long had the driver been on the road?

Who owned what?

These and many more questions need answers. To find them, requires obtaining any black box data, corporate documents, testimonial evidence from the driver, any witnesses and corporate officers, and other evidence.

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