House LP Gas Explosion Kills Husband and Wife

A home exploded this month in a tragedy that public safety officials believe was caused by a leak of LP gas (propane). A husband and wife died as a result of the fiery blast, and an investigation has centered on recent work that was done on a propane stove in the home.

The husband was in the home’s lower level and the structure collapsed on him. His wife initially survived the explosion, but died from her injuries. By the time the blaze was contained, some 15 fire departments had been called in to help. The investigation into the fatal house explosion is ongoing.

House Explosion
These are some of the remains of another house that exploded, resulting in our client suffering severe burns and traumatic brain injury. Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman won $10 million for our client.

Next of kin can sue for a house, condo or other residential explosion if you have a wrongful death claim. Our attorneys have represented next of kin, burn victims and others hurt when a gas leak or appliance malfunction led to a volatile buildup of gas that was accidentally ignited. Most natural gas explosions are caused by a problem with the gas line or an appliance. If a gas line is involved, you may have a claim against the gas company, another company that ruptured the pipeline, and a landlord or other building owner. If a gas appliance is involved, the cause may be a defect in the appliance or a mistake by a company that serviced the appliance or provided faulty parts.

Negligence over gas service can come in many forms and our attorneys have practiced extensively in areas where there is more than one party responsible for an explosion or accident. A good gas explosion attorney must be a competent investigator who is tireless when it comes to sorting out the complexities of liability.

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