Possible Propane Tank Explosion in Bridgewater

The propane tank at a Bridgewater Township home is possibly involved in an explosion that tragically killed a man who was asleep in his bedroom.

The September 12, 2105, explosion happened at about 3:30 a.m.

All possible causes, including the propane tank, are being investigated. One of the man’s neighbors told The Ann Arbor News that the man “had his propane disconnected while selling explosives on the property, but had recently been talking about getting it hooked up again.”

Our thoughts are with the family.

Also this week, the prelimeinary investigation into an explosion at a home in North Baltimore, Ohio, points to the propane tank as the cause, according to the local NBC station. Thankfully, there were only minor injuries reported.

Every week, there is at least one explosion in the U.S. caused by a propane tank. We call on state and local governments to do more to prevent these explosions.


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Category: Explosion, Fire and Burn Injuries
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