Motorcyclist Badly Injured by Drunk Semi-Truck Driver

A man was on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle this weekend, parked in broad daylight at an intersection in Slidell, Louisiana, waiting to make a turn. Just then, a semi-truck turned recklessly off the highway and crashed into him. The man went airborne and his bike was dragged under the Freightliner’s front wheels for more than 100 feet. Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said on social media that it’s “truly a miracle” the motorcyclist is alive.

According to the police report, the driver of the 18-wheeler was obviously impaired and was charged with first degree negligent injury, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and driving while intoxicated. Blood samples were taken from both drivers, but impairment is not suspected for the driver of the motorcycle, police said. The jailed semi-truck driver’s truck was loaded with flour and police reported that he was slurring his speech and unable to maintain steady balance after the crash. “It is suspected that he was driving the 18-wheeler while being under the influence of both drugs and alcohol,” police said.

When drunk driving laws are broken and someone is injured, the individual may have the right to file a drunk driving lawsuit seeking justice for pain, suffering, lost wages, medical bills and all future considerations for how the accident will impact his or her life. With gross negligence, the injured person may have a claim for punitive damages, one that seeks enough money to “punish” the wrongdoer. This is the law in Minnesota and other states.

Our Minnesota law firm only represents victims of injury and wrongful death, never the perpetrators. In motorcycle lawsuits and other cases involving alcohol, drugs and recklessness, we conduct our own independent investigation of the circumstances. For instance, if the drunk driver was served alcohol by a licensed bar or restaurant, these establishments also can be sued under “dram shop” law. This could result in multiple recoveries, although it is never the case where a person would ever trade their good health to be in a position where courts determine how much money could begin to compensate them.

Slidell Police rightfully described this crash as a “horrific accident” involving an 18-wheeler versus a motorcycle. Retaining a motorcycle accident lawyer not only holds the driver and trucking concern accountable, but lawsuits against dangerous truckers can help spare other innocent people from similar fates. Contact us if you need a lawyer licensed to practice in Minnesota.

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