Gas Explosion in High-Rise Causes Severe Burns

Can I Sue a Landlord for Burns from a Gas Explosion?

Yes, you can sue a landlord (owner of the building, usually a company) if you were severely burned in an explosion at your apartment building if there is sufficient evidence to support a lawsuit. To determine if there is legally responsibility, we look at the following:

  • What was the source of the explosion?
  • Should the landlord have been aware of the risk?
  • Did the landlord do something that caused or contributed to the severity of the burns and other injuries?
  • Was there adequate maintenance?
  • Were there working smoke detectors?

Explosion lawyers at our law firm can help you protect your legal rights by taking immediate steps to preserve evidence.

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Can I Sue a Gas Company or Appliance Manufacturer?

Yes, you can sue a gas company or appliance manufacturer if there is evidence that a gas line leak or malfunctioning appliance is the source of the blast.

If a gas appliance is involved, the cause may be a defect in the appliance or a mistake by a company that serviced the appliance.

Any of the following appliances can malfunction resulting in dangerous gas accumulations:

  • water heater
  • central heater
  • air conditioning unit
  • gas lights
  • oven
  • dryer
  • pool heater
  • generator

Moreover, service workers or utility agents can damage the delivery lines for gas when they install, repair or dig. Often, these accidents derive from guesswork or oversights by professionals who don’t follow safe procedures in their work.

Injury Information

Recent News

Six people at a residential high-rise were injured in an explosion believed to be caused by a gas leak. “The explosion was first reported at 11:57 a.m. and is believed to be from a gas leak,” the fire department said in a press release on October 2. Injuries included burning and blunt trauma, some from falling debris. A total of 78 fire and rescue units responded to the scene.

One trauma alert patient was taken by Air Rescue to Ryder Trauma Center and two other patient were rushed by ambulance to Adventura Hospital Trauma Center. Other reports said a helicopter took two people in critical condition to two different hospitals. Fire and Rescue  officials said crews on the scene were successful in locating and extricating two people trapped in an elevator with no sustained injuries.  The building was vacated and considered dangerous with unstable concrete on upper floors. The blast occurred in a condo on the top floor, or 33rd level, the fire department said. Some concrete loosened in the explosion was dangling from the side of the building. At the time of the explosion, some debris fell on patrons from an adjacent hotel, according to media reports.

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