DHL Truck Injures Young Bicyclist, Prompting Safety Review

A teenager from New Berlin, Wisconsin, was riding his bicycle home after football practice at New Berlin Eisenhower when he was struck by a DHL delivery truck, sending him to the ground in a violent crash that he survived. Police reports of the accident say the commercial truck had the right of way, but the accident happened in broad daylight and was captured by videocam. The 14-year-old boy suffered head injuries and was hospitalized. As he recovers at home, his mother is now working with neighbors and officials from the City of New Berlin and Waukesha County to make the intersection safer.

There was no crosswalk at the busy intersection and the boy did not have the option of pushing a button on the stoplight to request a pedestrian crossing on Moorland Road near Mayflower Drive.

This Wisconsin bicycle-truck collision did not result in criminal charges against the DHL truck driver.

A Bicycle accident lawyer can independently scrutinize road accidents for his or her clients to capture all the facts related to the crash and to properly document the extent of  injury to the bicycle rider, including future projections of how injuries will affect the earning capacity and quality of life for the injured cyclist.

Bicycle on Road

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