Deadly Propane Gas Explosion Kills Couple in Condo Complex

A couple had moved to a picturesque condo community to be closer to family. Over the weekend, the couple died in an explosion and fire in their home that is now under active investigation by the State Fire Marshal. The home reportedly had a fireplace and heating system fueled by liquid propane gas, also known as LP gas.

Neighbors said the blast sounded like a bomb. The condo occupied by the couple was instantly engulfed in flames.

Fire officials told local news reporters that the investigation will examine piping and other elements of the propane delivery system to determine where the gas leaked and what caused the failure. In addition, there is concern that the odorless gas may not have been sufficiently infused with a harmless chemical that gives the gas a pungent smell. Without the odorization from methyl mercaptan, people can’t readily detect the danger of leaking propane.

Gas Explosion Attorney Helps Families with Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Gas explosion attorney Fred Pritzker represents individuals and next-of-kin who have been victimized by fiery blasts caused by faulty propane and natural gas infrastructure or appliances. Fred fights gas companies, landlords, builders, manufacturers and other responsible parties to hold them accountable for the human devastation caused by residential and commercial leaks. His national law firm has recovered millions for individuals and families, including LP gas wrongful death cases. Consultations are free. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Minnesota.

Pritzker said odor fade in propane (LP gas) is a recurring problem. A 2010 propane explosion on the East Coast brought a national focus on the danger. In that case, a high-ranking task force of government officials and other sources found that a regional supplier of propane had used insufficient levels of odorant in gas deliveries to 12 states.


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