2 Fractured Pelvis Cases

Our law firm is currently handling two fractured pelvis cases where our clients were struck by distracted drivers, both of whom were looking at maps at the time of the crash.  Our clients’ lives were forever changed because the drivers did not pull over and stop before looking at a map. Read about these cases below and remember not to drive while distracted.

What is a Pelvic Fracture?

The pelvis is a complex group of bones at the base of the spine, including the acetabulum, iliac, ilium, ischium, and pubic. They form a large ring and 2 smaller rings (see image below). The trauma suffered in a car crash can cause one or more of these bones to break. If the major ring is broken, it could be fatal.

In many cases surgery is required to put the pelvic bones back together and hold them in place. This is done with internal devices called pins, screws and plates.

Given the severity of this kind of injury, a lawsuit should to seek compensation for a lifetime of medical expenses, lost income and pain.

1. Motorcycle Rider Hit from Behind by a Pizza Delivery Vehicle

Our client was driving down a 4-lane road in the left lane. He put on his left blinker and slowed to a stop. Behind him, the driver of a pizza delivery vehicle was looking at a map and not the road. The pizza restaurant employee slammed into our clients, sending him and his motorcycle 50 feet through the air

Our client was severely injured, with a fractured vertebrae and pelvis. He now has to use a wheelchair.

2.  Distracted Driver Runs a Stop Sign

Pelvic Fracture LawsuitOur client  was driving her car through an intersection when another driver blew through a stop sign and crashed into her. He was looking at a map and said he did not see the stop sign.

Our client suffered a severe pelvic fracture as well as neck and back injuries. She had surgery for an acetabular fracture, where a femoral traction pin was implanted.

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