Pharmacy Creations Issues Recall, Infection Risk

Pharmacy Creations issued a recall of four product lots after tests indicated they may not be sterile. The tests were conducted by Front Range, Inc., the company’s former independent testing laboratory (why former?).

Pharmacy Creations is a compounding pharmacy, meaning it does custom modifications on medications for individual patients.

“Our law firm is representing several people who developed fungal meningitis, epidural abscess and osteomyelitis from a contaminated spinal injection manufactured by a compounding pharmacy named New England Compounding Center,” said Attorney Fred Pritzker. “The injections were contaminated with mold that caused the fungal infections. NECC went bankrupt, and we are now helping clients get compensation from the clinics that administered the injections.”

To date there have been no reported adverse events, including infection, associated with the use of any of the recalled Pharmacy Creations products. The recall was issued because, if not sterile, the products could harbor dangerous pathogens that could cause serious illness.

The company stated:

“Although we cannot be certain that the product subject to the recall is contaminated, to the extent it was, there are serious health implications for the use of contaminated product in all patients which could include development of a life-threatening infection.”

The prescription preparations listed below were distributed in Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Puerto Rico between March 4, 2014 and June 18, 2014 and were mailed directly to patients and physicians.

  • Ascorbic Acid 500 mg/mL – Lot# 05082014@7
  • Glutathione 100 mg/mL – Lot# 05122014@4
  • Magnesium Chloride 200 mg/mL – Lot#05202014@7
  • Tropi/Cyclo/Phenyl/Tobra/Flurb (1/1/10/0.3/0.3)% – Lot# 05202014@3

You can click here now to contact Fred and our team of lawyers for your free consultation regarding a lawsuit against a compounding pharmacy.The company voluntarily recalled these products as a precautionary measure (“out of an abundance of caution”).

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