Motorcycle Collides with Van Making U-Turn, Resulting in Wrongful Death

It is illegal to make a U-turn on a busy highway, but yesterday, a man broke the law and made a U-turn on Highway 95 west of Cambridge, Minnesota. His careless disregard for the law resulted in the tragic deaths of two people.

The initial Minnesota State Patrol report states that the was driving a van eastbound on Highway 95. Two people were directly behind him on a motorcycle. The man attempted to make a U-turn from the right shoulder across 4 lanes of traffic. The motorcycle hit the van just behind the driver door.

“I have seen this scenario far too many times, motorcyclists getting severely injured or killed because drivers blatantly violated the law or failed to take basic safety precautions,”  said attorney Eric Hageman, who recently won $4,000,000.00 for a family in a wrongful death case.

You can call 612-338-0202 to contact Eric. He has helped many families get answers after a tragic accident.

5 Things Motorists Can Do to Help Protect Motorcyclists

  1. Obey the law;
  2. Don’t drive distracted (no cell phones or fiddling with the radio);
  3. Allow motorcyclists a full lane width;
  4. Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic so a motorcyclist will have time to get in a safe position; and
  5. Allow at least 3 or 4 seconds following distance.

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