Jacob Pritzker and Dr. Anna Larson Featured in Angelman Today

The August 2014 issue of Angelman Today has an article about Anna Larson, M.D., a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School and former caregiver of Jacob Pritzker, the son of Fred and Renee Pritzker.

Jacob Pritzker
Jacob Pritzker

“Our son has a neuro-genetic disorder, Angelman Syndrome. He requires assistance with most of his activities of daily living. His caregivers, including Anna Larson, are exceptional people who have given much to and learned even more from Jacob. This article and the relationship it chronicles is a tribute to Anna’s essential goodness and the profound impact Jacob has on the people who become part of his life.”

Below is an excerpt from the article, “Dr. Anna Larson: A Life-Changing Encounter Leads to a Lifetime’s Inspiration“:

anna-larson-jake-pritzker“We grew very close,” Anna said. “Being able to have Jake in my life before and during medical school was incredibly important to me. The chance to spend time with him was always very grounding and helpful to me because it expanded my focus from flash cards and exams to the people I wanted to care for.”

Although fond of science throughout her early years and during her undergraduate studies in chemistry at Carleton College, Anna had been unsure of her precise path for the future. “Some kids grow up knowing they are going to be, say, a cardiothoracic surgeon for sure,” Anna said. “But I didn’t know what kind of doctor I was going to be. Caring for Jake and learning about him and AS was fundamental in terms of helping me find my path in pediatric neurology.”

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