FedEx Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits 2014

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Bus Passenger Sues FedEx for Personal Injury

Another lawsuit has been filed against FedEx and Silverado Stages by a student injured in the FedEx-bus crash in California in April.  Silverado Stages owned the bus that was transporting dozens of students to Humboldt State University when a FedEx truck crossed California Interstate 5 and hit the bus, which then burst into flames. 10 people died and dozens of students were injured.

Although the FedEx driver was at-fault for the crash, the suit alleges Silverado Stages is liable (legally responsible) for the student’s personal injuries because the bus driver had not explained the bus’ emergency exit procedures at any point before the accident. The student’s injuries include burns on his ears and a broken collar bone.

Mother Sues for Wrongful Death

The mother of another student in the FedEx-bus accident sued FedEx for the wrongful death of her daughter. The suit seeks $100 million in compensatory (an amount meant to compensate for the loss) and punitive (an amount meant to punish) damages.

In addition to other claims, the lawsuit alleges that FedEx vehicles have a history of catching on fire due to:

  • mechanical problems
  • driver negligence
  • improperly loaded cargo

The fire started in this accident was immense and totally charred the FedEx truck and Silverado Stages charter bus. The fire was so extreme that people trapped in the bus could not be helped and died. The suit alleges witnesses reported the FedEx truck was on fire before it crashed into the charter bus.

Silverado Stages is also named as a defendent (party being sued). The lawsuit claims the charter bus did not have enough emergency exits.

FedEx Truck Driver Dies in Fatal Crash

Yesterday, a fatal crash took the life of a FedEx truck driver. The accident happened on I-45 north of Conroe, Texas.

The Texas State Patrol is reporting that a car struck the rear of the FedEx 18-wheeler, which flipped over. The truck was then struck by 3 other vehicles.

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