E. coli Outbreak in Windham, CT, Lawyers Investigating

Our law firm is investigating an outbreak of E. coli in Windham (Willimantic), Connecticut. At least 7 people have been sickened, including children, 2 of whom developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of an E. coli infection.  One of the young HUS patients is still in the hospital. Contact us for a free case review (click here now), and they will include your case in their lawsuit investigation.

The North Central District Health Department has not confirmed the source of the outbreak, but it may be restaurant food. The Connecticut Department of Public Health said it believes all of the people were infected between mid-December and Christmas time.

Evidence against a Restaurant or Other Business

If two or more unrelated people sickened in this outbreak ate at the suspected restaurant, that is evidence that food eaten at the restaurant is the source of the outbreak.

E. coli and HUS personal injury and wrongful death claims often hinge on DNA evidence. This evidence is obtained with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). With PFGE, enzymes break down the DNA and an electronic field separates the particles by size. The result is a pattern. People sickened by E. coli with matching PFGE patterns were sickened by the same source.

It is not necessary to find the specific restaurant menu item that made the outbreak victims sick to recover money from the restaurant owner. Restaurants have the duty to provide safe food to their patrons. When this does not happen, the restaurant is liable (legally responsible) and can be sued for compensation, including amounts for medical expenses, lost income, physical pain, emotional distress and other damages.

No Such Thing as a Mild E. coli Case

Connecticut health officials stated that 5 of the E. coli cases were mild, but there are no mild E. coli cases. All E. coli cases cause severe pain and long-term risks, including the possibility of needing a kidney transplant. Children who develop HUS from the E. coli infection are more at risk of future kidney problems and the need for a kidney transplant.

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