A patient developed copper toxicity (copper poisoning) after a sodium chloride injection manufactured by Hospira, Inc.  Brass particulate, in the form of several small grey-brown particles, was identified in the primary container of the injection solution.  Our lawyers are available to help patients injured by this product who are interested in a lawsuit against Hospira. You can contact them for a FREE case review HERE.

Prompted by this incident, Hospira issued a recall of one lot of 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, 1000 mL, Flexible Container, NDC 0409-7983-09. The affected lot number is 25-037-JT (the lot number may be followed by a -01 or -90), with an expiration date of January 1, 2015. Hospira is investigating to determine the root cause.

Tests on the brass particulate found that it contained copper, zinc and lead. If injected, a solution containing brass particulate could cause clotting in the small blood vessels and/or copper toxicity (copper poisoning), which could result in hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and liver toxicity (chemical-driven liver damage), including potentially fatal hepatic necrosis (death of liver tissue).

The recalled Hospira sodium chloride injection solution is used as a source of water and electrolytes and is packaged in a 1000 mL flexible container. The affected lot was distributed nationwide between January 2013 and March 2013 to wholesalers/distributors, hospitals and pharmacies.