Fundraisers Help Minnesota Child with E. coli-HUS

A Minnesota girl contracted an E. coli infection after visiting Dehn’s Pumpkin Patch in Dayton, MN. Her illness developed into hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of an E. coli infection that causes kidney failure.

Only a few weeks out of the hospital, she danced with many in the community who turned out to support her, contributing money to help pay for her treatment.  She spent a significant amount of time in ICU fighting her illness, and HUS patients generally need additional care and monitoring due to the continued risk of future kidney failure.

Another fundraiser is scheduled for Dec. 7 at Diamond Path Elementary School from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For those who have never had a loved one contract E. coli-HUS, it is impossible to imagine just how bad it is.

“Children’s immune systems are not fully developed, which makes them more susceptible to E. coli infection and complications like HUS,” says Fred Pritzker, a lead E. coli lawyer at our Minneapolis, MN, law firm. “Kidneys produce a hormone that regulates blood pressure. When children develop HUS kidney failure, there blood pressure can reach dangerous levels (hypertension), causing strokes and central nervous system damage.” You can contact Fred for a free consultation (click here now) about E. coli-HUS in children.

In the E. coli outbreak linked to Dehn’s, three children ranging in age from 15 months to 7 years were sickened. They had visited the farm on October 12 or 13, and became ill on October 16 or 18. It is a testament to this little girl’s fighting spirit that she was able to join friends and family to dance this weekend.

All of the sickened children were residents of the Twin Cities. Fred Pritzker, an E. coli lawyer at our law firm, is representing another child sickened in this outbreak.

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