Pritzker Hageman Holiday Bake-Off A Sugar-Filled Success

Holiday BakingToday we held a Holiday Bake-Off. The competition was fierce as office members faced off for the chance to win a $150 dollar gift certificate. There were a total of 12 entries and every office member was allowed to vote for their top three choices.

Secretary Mickey Roy proved that chocolate reigned supreme, taking home the prize with her “Chocolate Lover’s Dream Cookie.” Roy’s cookie featured a light crème de menthe filling sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies with frosting on top.

Other favorites included attorney Eric Hageman’s “Bourbon Caramel Pecan Packages” which featured a chewy “Bourbon Caramel Pecan Cookie” accompanied by a homemade caramel. Hageman was ultimately disqualified however as the baked goods were in fact produced by his wife and children.

Also receiving high marks were the delicate “Paper Thin Citrus Crisp” cookies made by Jody Thorsett. Presentation was an element of the competition and each cookie was tastefully packaged. Legal assistant Stacey Benjamin also wowed the crowd with her “Oreo No-Bake Cookies”, a rich fudgy treat covered in chocolate.

Fortunately, there are plenty of leftovers.

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