Can A Child Sue for Wrong Medication or Dose?

If your child was given the wrong medication or the wrong dose, you can take action to get compensation for your child from the hospital, clinic or pharmacy responsible for the error that caused your child harm. Attorney Fred Pritzker is one of our lead lawyers for these cases.  They help children and families like yours.

Most of our cases involve pharmacies giving parents the wrong medication or dose of medication. This is medical malpractice. In one of our cases, the pharmacy provided a medication that was 10 times the dosage indicated on the labeling. This medication was injected into a patient, who died of an overdose.

“Parents trust medical professionals and pharmacies to provide their child with the best possible medical care,” said attorney Fred Pritzker, who recently won $45,000,000.00 for patients injured by a medical product. “Even with advances in technology, hundreds of children are sickened and killed by medication mistakes each year. Our goal is to make sure these children get the compensation they deserve and that the wrongdoers are held accountable.”

Our law firm also helps children sickened by contaminated medication. Fred and his team of attorneys are some of the few in the nation that go after pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies that sell medication tainted with deadly bacteria or fungus. These “errors” are due to extreme negligence and can give rise to punitive damages claims.

Fred is representing several families whose children died from a medical product contaminated with bacteria. These children are all infants that were born prematurely. These babies were already fragile, and the infections caused by the tainted products were impossible to fight.

“Parents need to have confidence in the medical care given to their children. These lawsuits push the medical community to take more measures to ensure the safety of their young patients,” said Fred.

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