Tuna Sushi Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed: Get Compensation

Yesterday, my law firm filed a lawsuit against Moon Marine USA Corporation on behalf of a victim of the Salmonella outbreak linked to tuna used for sushi rolls and similar products. I and my Salmonella litigation team are also representing other victims from several states and are preparing to file additional lawsuits.

We represent Salmonella victims throughout the United States.

This outbreak has sickened people in 27 states and Washington DC (note: this outbreak continues to grow and out attorneys are available to help Salmonella victims whose cases have not yet been confirmed by the CDC).

Tuna Sushi Lawsuit Evidence

The outbreak investigation has uncovered significant evidence that Moon Marine sushi tuna (called Nakaochi scrape) contaminated with Salmonella caused the outbreak.

  • FDA laboratories have identified Salmonella in two samples of Nakaochi scrape yellow fin tuna with a PFGE pattern indistinguishable from the Salmonella Bareilly strain associated with this outbreak. Every Salmonella outbreak has its own, unique outbreak strain, so this is the “smoking gun” that connects Moon Marine tuna to the Salmonella Bareilly illnesses. This evidence can be used in a tuna sushi food poisoning lawsuit against the company
  • Testing conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection laboratory isolated the outbreak strain of Salmonella Bareilly from one sample of recalled tuna and one sample of a spicy tuna roll made with recalled tuna.
  • FDA laboratories also identified another type of Salmonella found in Moon Marine tuna scrape with a PFGE pattern indistinguishable from a cluster of Salmonella Nchanga infections. This is the “smoking gun” evidence that connects the tuna to the Salmonella Nchanga illnesses.
  • Most people sickened in the outbreak ate sushi rolls or similar products made with Moon Marine tuna scrape.


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