Tuna Recall and Sushi Salmonella Outbreak Victims at Risk of Future Medical Problems

[Update: Our law firm has filed a lawsuit against Moon Marine USA for Salmonella food poisoning from recalled Moon Marine tuna used to make sushi rolls. Contact our attorneys about a lawsuit against Moon Marine. Our investigation of this outbreak has found evidence of negligence and that the company is liable under strict liability laws. There are now 390 confirmed cases of Salmonella Bareilly and Salmonella Nchanga linked to recalled Moon Marine tuna.]

I am a food safety attorney who represents Salmonella victims throughout the United States, including several victims of the Salmonella outbreak linked to scraped tuna processed and distributed by Moon Marine USA Corporation, a foreign firm operating in California. The outbreak has sickened hundreds of people in 24 states and Washington DC with Salmonella Bareilly and Salmonella Nchanga infections.

After samples of Moon Marine tuna, sold as Nakaochi scrape, tested positive for Salmonella Bareilly, Moon Marine issued a recall of the tuna.

Victims of this Salmonella outbreak sickened by raw tuna deserve to know that their cases of Salmonella food poisoning put them at risk of future medical problems, including reactive arthritis, a reactive arthritis. Besides arthritis concerns, Salmonella also is associated over the long term with inflammation of the heart muscle, pancreatitis, blood infection, colitis and inflammation of the aorta. Almost 20% of the people with reported cases of salmonellosis were hospitalized, which means this strain of Salmonella is extremely virulent and may put victims at greater risk of developing severe health problems.

If you are a sushi tuna Salmonella victim, you can get your free consultation with a Salmonella attorney here.

Tuna Recall Information

  • Moon Marine USA Corporation (also known as MMI) of Cupertino, Calif. is voluntarily recalling 58,828 lbs of a frozen raw yellowfin tuna product, labeled as Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA. Nakaochi Scrape is  tuna backmeat, which is specifically scraped off from the bones, and looks like a ground product.
  • The Nakaochi Scrape AA and AAA from MMI was sold through distributors to restaurants and grocery stores that make sushi, and has been linked to an outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly, which has caused 160 illnesses in 20 states and the District of Columbia to date. Of the reported illnesses, there have been 14 hospitalizations, and no deaths.
  • Many of the people who became ill reported eating raw tuna in sushi as “spicy tuna.”
  • Consumers who think they might have become ill from eating possibly contaminated raw Nakaochi Scrape should consult their health care providers and our Salmonella lawyers. Report your Salmonella case and request a free case review here.

The recalled raw tuna, Nakaochi Scrape, is associated with Salmonella Bareilly cases in the following states: Alabama (4), Arkansas (1), California (7), Colorado (1), Connecticut (11), District of Columbia (3), Florida (1), Georgia (18), Illinois (29), Indiana (1), Kansas (1), Louisiana (6), Massachusetts (36), Maryland (39), Missouri (4), Mississippi (2), Nebraska (2), New Jersey (35), New York (58), North Carolina (12), Pennsylvania (34), Rhode Island (6), South Carolina (4), Tennessee (4), Texas (13), Virginia (22), Vermont (1), and Wisconsin (21).

As of June 21, 2012, the CDC reported that cases of Salmonella Nchanga are also part of this outbreak: Georgia (2), Maryland (1), New Jersey (2), New York (6), Texas (1), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (1).

Attorney Fred Pritzker represents Salmonella victims nationwide and will be representing victims of this outbreak. He and our other Salmonella lawyers are available for a free consultation regarding a lawsuit against Moon Marine and others.

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