El Abuelito Listeria Outbreak Legal Investigation

Our food safety lawyers are investigating the Listeria outbreak linked to El Abuelito cheeses for a possible lawsuit and we are asking the public for help.  We need to find out when people purchased the cheese and when it made them or a family member sick. (en español)

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If you or a family member was sickened with Listeriosis (the disease caused by the Listeria bacteria) after eating cheese made by El Abuelito, please contact our legal team today. Time is critically important when investigating Listeria cases.

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Queso Fresco Listeria Outbreak Lawyer InvestigationOur Listeria lawsuit team is currently collecting information and signing up clients for a possible lawsuit against the wrongdoers that have hospitalized at least 10 people and lead to the death of at least one. Listeria can affect anyone, but it often very seriously sickens older people as well as pregnant mothers and their babies.

The Listeria Food Safety Lawyers at Pritzker Hageman

The Listeria lawyers at Pritzker Hageman have tremendous experience and an unequaled record of success in representing people harmed by Listeriosis and other foodborne pathogens.

The firm is involved in virtually every major Listeria outbreak legal investigation and has obtained numerous million and multi-million-dollar recoveries on behalf of people harmed by Listeriosis including some of the largest in American history.

  • $6.4 million for neurologic injury from a Listeria contaminated deli product
  • $4.5 million for permanent brain damage from Listeria contaminated food
  • $3 million for a pregnant woman who lost her unborn twins after eating Listeria contaminated food
  • $1 million for illness from Listeria contaminated deli meat

We help people harmed by Listeriosis and other foodborne pathogens in cases throughout the United States.

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The following cheese brands have been recalled for possible Listeria contamination related to this outbreak –

The recalled products are shown in the tables below, however, stores may have repackaged the bulk Quesillo into smaller containers and sold this repackage product to consumers. This repackaged product may not bear the original labeling and product information as described below.

Brand Product Name Size Container Type UPC Code
El Abuelito Cheese Quesillo Abuelito 12oz Vacuum Pack 673130200000
Quesillo Abuelito 5Lbs Vacuum Bag Loose Bag 673130500001
Quesillo Abuelito 10Lbs Vacuum Bag Loose Bag 673130600008
El Viejito El Viejito 10Lbs Vacuum Bag Loose Bag 718122180950
El Paisano El Paisano 5Lbs Vacuum Bag 799456415468
El Paisano 10Lbs Vacuum Bag 799456415482
El Sabrosito El Sabrosito 10Lbs Vacuum Bag 749390337586
La Cima La Cima 5Lbs Vacuum Bag 072632891653
Quesos Finos Quesos Finos 5Lbs Vacuum Bag 851800004145
San Carlos San Carlos 14Lbs Loose Bag 814920000039
Ideal Ideal 5Lbs Vacuum Bag 610563082674
Ideal 10Lbs Vacuum Bag 897930001951
Brand Product Name Size Container Type UPC Code
El Abuelito Cheese, Inc. El Abuelito Requeson Ricotta 12oz Clam Shell Container 673130300014
El Abuelito Requeson Ricotta – Promocion $3.99 12oz. Clam Shell Container 673130300014
El Viejito El Viejito Requeson/Ricotta 12oz. Clam Shell Container 718122180912


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