$6,425,000 Settlement

Below is information about a $6,425,000.00 settlement for families whose loved ones were part of one outbreak of food poisoning. The outbreak was linked to contaminated deli meat sold by two companies. The bacterial illness they contracted had a long incubation period, over a month. Determining exactly which of two different brands of deli meat was responsible for each specific illness became a hotly contested issue. It took two years of significant work to win a settlement.

3 Food Poisoning Claims

Three claims were involved in this settlement.  All of them arose out of one foodborne illness outbreak.  One claim involved the wrongful death of an 81 year-old male, survived by his wife and two adult children; another claim involved the fetal demise of twins; and the third claim involved a woman who elected to have an abortion following the diagnosis and treatment of her illness.

Each of the three victims was determined by microbiological and epidemiologic analysis to be members of the outbreak class. However, there were exceedingly difficult legal and factual questions regarding the source(s) of the outbreak. The case was in litigation for approximately two years and settled shortly before trial.

Settlement Amounts

The combined settlement of $6,425,000 was apportioned as follows: $3,500,000 to the couple that suffered the death of unborn twins; $2,700,000 to the family of the wrongful death victim; and $225,000 to a woman who elected to have an abortion. It is believed that the two larger settlements are the highest recoveries ever obtained for victims of this particular foodborne illness.

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