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If you were in an accident, you probably have a lot of questions that need answering. You are probably also concerned about your future. You might be wondering how long it will be until you can work again or how you will support yourself and your family. You might be concerned about how the accident is going to affect your life long-term and how you will be able to afford your hospital bills. We can help you.

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Millions Won For Clients after Accidents

Our lawyers have won millions of dollars for clients involved in motor vehicle accidents. The money from these settlements and verdicts helps our clients provide for their everyday needs, and provides them a sense of financial security.

Past Case Results

$5.1 Million

For a motorcyclist hit by a delivery truck

$4 Million

For a family who lost loved ones in a crash caused by a negligently serviced vehicle.

$2.8 Million

For the family of a driver who was killed after a wheel fell off a garbage truck.

$2.75 Million

For a married couple injured in a car crash caused by a semi-truck.

$2.4 Million

For the family of a bicyclist who was struck and killed by a semi-truck.

We Work Hard for You

Every step of a case, from gathering evidence through the trial, is hard work. Our lawyers put in the effort necessary to make sure that our clients get the best result.

Our lawyers are hands-on during investigations. They work with accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to get all the facts. Armed with these facts, our lawyers work to get our clients the results they need.

Our Knowledge Sets Us Apart

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of corporate structuring, insurance law, and state and federal trucking regulations.

When a client is involved in an accident with a semi-truck or a company vehicle, we are able to use this knowledge to investigate every aspect of the crash. We look to see if the company was negligent, and we hold them accountable for wrongdoing.

It can take an enormous amount of work to prove what caused an accident, but it is important to always do everything possible to build a winning case.

Attorney Eric Hageman
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When you contact our law firm, you will share your story and will be asked questions about the injuries you or your loved one sustained, how the recovery is going, and other specifics of your case.

We start our investigation using official police reports, and any other applicable documents including witness interviews, possible trucking logs, and any electronic control modules.

We then work with accident reconstruction specialists, forensic engineers, and other specialists to analyze the scene of the crash and the vehicles involved to find any other evidence that might help strengthen your case.