Garbage Truck Accident in Minnesota

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When we win a settlement or verdict for a family who has lost a loved one, we work with the family and financial advisers to develop a plan to honor the memory of the deceased

Our attorneys have handled many garbage truck accident cases and recovered millions for our clients.

Compensation for personal injury sustained in a waste disposal vehicle accident includes amounts for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, cost of care, pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability, disfigurement and other damages.

Compensation for wrongful death includes amounts for lost earnings, loss of care and companionship, pain and suffering (in some states), funeral expenses and other damages. When we win a wrongful death settlement or verdict, we work with the family and financial advisers to develop a plan to honor the memory of the deceased loved one. This can involve setting up a plan to use the money for the family, establishing a foundation in the name of the child, or giving money to a charity in a trust named after the child.

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Settlement and Verdict Information

Pedestrian in Wheel Chair Hit:  Our lawyers recovered $1,536,921 on behalf of a 36 year-old man whose wheel chair was struck by a garbage truck as the man tried to cross a busy road. He used a motorized chair due to pre-existing rheumatoid arthritis. The crash resulted in a hip fracture that required surgery and caused the man to lose additional function. A significant number of these accidents involve a child being run over, usually backed into, by a garbage truck.

Bicyclist Killed: We are currently handling a bicycle accident case where the semi swerved into the bike lane and killed the cyclist. Other common causes of these kinds of accidents are when the truck makes a turn, runs a stop sign, or backs up unexpectedly.

Car Hit by Debris: Our lawyers recovered $2,850,000 on behalf of the family of a man whose death was caused by a garbage truck. A significant number of these cases are caused by falling debris, loose garbage truck wheels/ tires, rear-end collisions, unexpected stops, driving in the wrong lane, illegal lane changes and head-on collisions.

Rear-Ended by Garbage Truck: Our lawyers recovered $2,000,000 on behalf of the heirs of a 37-year-old male who was killed when his delivery truck was struck from the rear at high speed.

Tire/Wheel Through Windshield:  Our law firm collected several million dollars for a family who lost a loved one when a truck tire crashed through the windshield of a car. There are industry standards for maintenance of tires and equipment that should be used to prevent wheels from coming off of the truck. Because of this, these cases can often support a claim for punitive damages.

Garbage Truck Companies

Below is a short list of waste management companies doing business in Minnesota.

Allied, Republic Services, Waste Connections Inc., Casella, Norcal, Burrtec, Schupan & Sons, J.P. Mascaro & Sons, WCA, E.L. Harvey & Sons, Red River Service Corp., Modern Disposal Service, American, ABC Disposal, Mazza & Sons, J & J Refuse, Inc., Rustin Transportation, Aspen, Randy’s Sanitation, JRM Hauling and Recycling,  Ace Solid, Dick’s Sanitation Service, Rubatino Refuse Removal Inc, Waste Mangement, Inc.

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Our law firm has not had cases against all of these companies. The list above is for informational purposes only.