Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines is a moving company that owns the trucks and trailers used to transport goods.

If a driver employed by a moving company causes an accident with a company truck, that company is legally responsible.  This means it can be sued for compensation.

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Physical Address: 1212 ST GEORGE ROAD EVANSVILLE, IN   47711

Phone: (800) 638-9797

USDOT Number: 125550

MC or MX Number: MC-79658

DUNS Number: 70-017-61

Source. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

FMCSA has a website for consumers who are moving: Protect Your Move. This resource has a user-friendly database that allows visitors to look up interstate moving companies by state or by name and to review both the consumer complaint history as well as the company’s on-road safety performance records.

With over 35 million Americans moving each year, this is a valuable resource. This is just one of the many resources provided by this agency to trucking companies, businesses and individual consumers.

Plan Your Move

  • Ask an Atlas Van Lines representative for the booklet “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”.
  • Ask for recommendations from others who have used the service.
  • Ask what happens if your belongings are damaged.
  • Ask if the mover has a dispute settlement program.
  • Get contact information.
  • Adequately insure your belongings.

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