Retriever Brand Dog Food Salmonella Recall

Retriever brand dog food has been recalled for Salmonella. Contaminated dog food can make dogs who eat it and humans who handle it sick so consumers who have purchased this food should not use it.

On October 21, FP Nutrition of Nacogdoches, Texas issued a recall of Retriever All Life Stages Mini Chunk Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food after tests performed by the Texas State Chemist were positive for Salmonella.  At the time of the recall, the company was not aware of any canine or human illnesses associated with the product.

Retriever Brand Dog Food Salmonella Recall

The recall includes dog food manufactured on October 4, 2023, and October 5, 2023, at the company’s Nacogdoches, Texas facility.

  • The second line of the date code includes: “3277 TFP” or “3278 TFP”
  • States where the dog food was sold: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.
Retriever Mini Chunk Salmonella Recall

Symptoms of a Salmonella Infection in Dogs and Humans

Dogs with salmonellosis may be lethargic, feverish, or have diarrhea that may be bloody diarrhea. Some dogs may just have decreased appetite, fever, and abdominal pain. Others may have no symptoms at all. Regardless of which symptoms they experience, dogs with Salmonella infections can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. 

People with Salmonella infections may experience, fever, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea that can be bloody. Consumers who develop these symptoms after handling the dog food should see a doctor.

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