Raw Farm Whole Raw Milk Campylobacter Recall

Raw Farm of Fresno County, CA has issued a Campylobacter recall for raw, whole milk sold in plastic half-gallon and gallon jugs with a “best by” date of 05/05/2023. Consumers who have purchased this milk should not drink it as Campylobacter can cause serious illness.

California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones announced the recall and statewide quarantine after the California Department of Food and Agriculture found Campylobacter jejuni in a sample of whole milk during testing.

Symptoms of a Campylobacter infection, called campylobacteriosis, include fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. These symptoms usually develop within two to five days of exposure. For people with compromised immune systems, these infections can be life-threatening.

Complications of campylobacteriosis include reactive arthritis, which causes joint pain and swelling; and Guillian-Barre syndrome which causes muscle weakness and paralysis that can last for weeks or months. Some people experience permanent nerve damage. About 5 percent of people who develop Guillian-Barre syndrome die.

Raw Milk recall, outbreak

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