Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim, WA has issued a recall for raw milk products after they were linked to a Campylobacter outbreak in Washington that sickened five people. People who have purchased these products should not consume them as Campylobacter can cause serious illness.

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Because raw milk is milk isn’t pasteurized, it can carry harmful bacteria that makes people sick. The products produced by Dungeness Valley Creamery, for example, have been recalled five times for E. coli contamination and linked to three outbreaks.

The recalled products, bottled in gallon, half-gallon, quart, and pint containers with “Best By” dates of April 13, 2021, or earlier, were sold to customers in western Washington at the on-farm store and at retail stores and drop-off locations in Clallam, Skagit, Kitsap, and Clark Counties.

Pregnant women, infants, small children, seniors, and people with compromised immune systems,  are at elevated risk of contracting Campylobacter infections and experiencing severe illness. Symptoms of Campylobacter infection usually develop between two and five days of exposure and include fever, diarrhea that is often bloody, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and abdominal pain. Some people with severe Campylobacter infections develop complications including reactive arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

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