After Fatality and Reports of Liver Failure, Real Water Stops Production

After being linked to an outbreak of non-viral hepatitis that includes cases of liver failure and a fatality, Real Water Inc. has stopped production of its alkaline water products. Months after an investigation of the outbreak began, U.S. District Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey signed a court order barring the Las Vegas-based company, its officers Brent A. Jones, president and Blain K. Jones, vice president; and its parent company Inc. from operating until it comes into FDA compliance and receives authorization from the agency to restart the business.

Alkaline water, or alkalized water, is water that has been altered to have a higher pH than regular drinking water which has a neutral pH of 7. Companies that make alkalized water products tout their health benefits, but there isn’t scientific evidence to support these claims.

Real Water was linked to 16 cases of non-viral hepatitis, five cases of liver failure and one fatality. The company was uncooperative with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) investigation. In March the company said it had issued a recall and halted production, but the products are still being distributed and marketed.

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Non-viral Hepatitis

Non-viral hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by toxins. Severe cases can cause liver failure. Symptoms of non-viral hepatitis are similar to viral hepatitis. They include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, gray or clay-colored stools, joint pain, and yellow eyes and skin.


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Real Water Hepatitis

Non-viral Hepatitis Lawsuits

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