Garland Ventures Ltd. of Garland, Texas has issued a recall for Five Cheese Stuffed Shells, sold nationwide at Walmart and other stores, for Listeria risk. The company said it was unaware of any illnesses associated with the product at the time of the recall. However, consumers who have purchased this product should not eat it as Listeria can cause serious illness and death.

The “Five Cheese Stuffed Shells” contain marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and parsley. It was sold in 10.76- ounce, aluminum foil containers with clear lids marked with lot# F080SS/F090SS on the bottom of label.

The Walmart stores that sold the product were located in the following states: in AL, AZ, CA, FL, KS, LA, MI, MO, MS, NC, NM, OH, OK, SC and TN. The product was also sold at other stores.

Listeria bacteria grow well in cooler temperatures and soft cheeses are one of the foods associated with Listeria illnesses. Symptoms usually develop one to three weeks after exposures but can take as long as 70 days to develop. They inlcude: high fever, severe headache and muscle stiffness sometimes preceded by nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Among pregnant women, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths.

Garland Ventures issued the recall of 1095 cases of Five Cheese Stuffed Shells after it was notified that tests of the product were positive for Listeria. The company also ceased production and distribution of the product.

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