An E. coli outbreak at the Minnesota State Fair sickened 11 people who visited the Miracle of Birth exhibit. Six people were so sick they required hospitalization, one of them developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a potentially fatal form of kidney failure. Those sickened, who range in age from 2 to 43 years old, attended the fair between August 25, 2019 and September 2, 2019. One person remains hospitalized.

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Minnesota health officials investigating the outbreak believe animal contact with calves, goats, sheep or piglets at the exhibit is likely a contributing factor. Most but not all of the people sickened in this outbreak had direct contact with animals, others may have been exposed to E. coli through contact with contaminated surfaces.

Sadly, E. coli outbreaks associated with animal contact are not uncommon. Pritzker Hageman E. coli lawyers recently won a $7.55 verdict in a lawsuit against a petting zoo for E. coli in a young child. Our young client developed a nearly fatal case of HUS. Our firm also recently won a wrongful death settlement for a family whose child died from E. coli after visiting an animal barn at a state fair.

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E coli outbreak from animals at state fair