E. coli Outbreak at Evergreens Restaurants in Seattle

An E. coli outbreak at Evergreens restaurants in Seattle has sickened seven people. One person was hospitalized. Customers became ill after eating meals purchased from four locations between November 5 – 11, 2019. The four locations are:

  • Downtown (823 3rd Ave, Seattle)
  • International District (504 5th Ave S, Seattle)
  • Pioneer Square (106 1st Ave S, Seattle)
  • University District (4609 Village Ter NE, Seattle)

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Outbreak investigators, visited these locations to collect evidence and “did not observe any behavioral risk or environmental factors associated with the spread or proliferation of E. coli bacteria.”

Many of the patients sickened in this outbreak reported eating raw vegetables, including leafy greens, from sources other than Evergreens before they got sick. There is currently a multistate E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, CA. However, genetic tests on isolates collected from four of the patients do not match the outbreak strain. Results on the other three isolates are pending.

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E.coli lawyer - CDC image of E coli bacteria
E. coli O157 bacteria under a magnification of 6836x. The combination of letters and numbers in the name of the bacterium refers to the specific markers found on its surface, which distinguishes it from other types of E. coli.


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