Legionnaires’ Disease lawyers at Pritzker Hageman are investigating the fatal outbreak in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood that has sickened 27 people. One person has died and three remain hospitalized.

Fred Pritzker
Attorney Fred Pritzker

“Most of the people who have been sickened in this outbreak are 50 and over,” said Fred Pritzker, founding partner of Pritzker Hageman law firm which represents Legionnaires’ Disease clients nationwide.

People over 50 are at higher risk for Legionnaires’ Disease, especially if they are smokers,  have chronic lung disease or weakened immune systems, according to the New York City health department.

Legionnaires’ Disease is a severe form of pneumonia that develops when water droplets contaminated with Legionella bacteria are inhaled. The flu-like symptoms of an infection usually develop within 10 days of exposure and last about a week. They include cough, headache, high fever, muscle aches and shortness of breath.

Legionella bacteria grows in warm water and is often found in the cooling towers,  plumbing or air-conditioning systems of large buildings, pools, hot tubs and fountains.

In 2015, a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in The Bronx sickened 120 people killing 12 of them. In that outbreak, Legionella bacteria matching the outbreak strain was found in the cooling towers of the Opera House Hotel in Harlem. After the outbreak, the city enacted tougher regulations on the maintenance of cooling towers.

Eric Hageman
Attorney Eric Hageman

City officials have been testing the cooling towers in the area but have not yet determined the source of the outbreak.

Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman represent clients nationwide who have been sickened or who have lost loved ones in Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks. If you would like a free consultation about a Legionnaires’ disease lawsuit, you can contact our experienced team of Legionnaires’ lawyers with this online form or, reach them in their offices by calling toll-free 1(888) 377-8900. There is no obligation.
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