Iowa Salmonella Death from Fareway Chicken Salad

In the Iowa Salmonella outbreak linked to Fareway chicken salad, 240 people were sickened, over 30 of whom are being represented by Pritzker Hageman law firm. Tragically, one of these people, a woman from eastern Iowa, died. There were also 15 people from 7 other states sickened in this outbreak.


In the CDC Final Report of the outbreak, the agency states: “Ninety-four hospitalizations were reported, including one person from Iowa who died.” Even though this person died before the CDC could find out if she ate Fareway chicken salad, she is considered part of this outbreak. This is because genetic testing of the Salmonella bacteria that made her sick indicates that she was sickened by the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium.

This is an image of Salmonella bacteria under a high magnification of 10431 times. The CDC has the technology to make a “fingerprint” of the DNA of a single cell. When people are sickened by Salmonella with matching DNA fingerprints, it means they were sickened by the same source. In this case, the CDC has determined that food source was Fareway chicken salad.

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