Can I Sue for E. coli from Romaine Lettuce?

If you contracted E. coli from romaine lettuce, you may have a lawsuit against a grower, food processor, restaurant, or retailer. Our E. coli lawyers have won settlements for people sickened by lettuce they purchased at grocery stores and in restaurant meals.

E. coli Lawsuit: 5 Reasons to Sue Now

Can I Sue a Restaurant Where I Ate a Romaine Lettuce Salad Tainted with E. coli?

If you ate romaine lettuce at a restaurant in the days before getting sick, you may have the right to sue that restaurant for money to compensate you for your medical bills, lost income, physical pain from the E. coli, and emotional suffering. Several of the people sickened in this outbreak reported eating a salad at a restaurant, and romaine lettuce was the only common ingredient identified among the salads eaten.

“Restaurant owners need to take responsibility for serving tainted food.”Attorney Fred Pritzker

Our E. coli O157:H7 lawyers have won several multimillion-dollar settlements from restaurants, including $4.5 million on behalf of a young woman with E. coli-HUS who had eaten at a chain restaurant. She has permanent kidney damage and may not be able to have children.

A lawsuit against Panera Bread was filed this week. Other chain restaurants may be involved. These restaurants reported using bagged, chopped romaine lettuce.

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Can I Sue the Romaine Lettuce Grower for E. coli Food Poisoning?

People sickened by lettuce contaminated with E. coli bacteria can generally sue the grower. In this outbreak, the CDC reported today that it has not pinpointed the lettuce grower or growers in Yuma, Arizona responsible for the E. coli outbreak. So we know the lettuce was grown in Yuma, Arizona, but more digging is needed to determine which grower or growers are involved.

People have been sickened in 25 states:  Alaska (8), Arizona (8), California (24), Colorado (2), Connecticut (2), Georgia (4), Idaho (11), Illinois (1), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts (2), Michigan (4), Mississippi (1), Missouri (1), Montana (8), New Jersey (7), New York (2), Ohio (3), Pennsylvania (20), South Dakota (1), Tennessee (1), Virginia (1), Washington (6), and Wisconsin (1).

Can I Sue a Grocery Store for E. coli from Romaine Lettuce?

It can be more difficult to sue a grocery store for E. coli food poisoning; however, our lawyers have had success, winning millions for clients.

Some of the people sickened in this outbreak bought their lettuce at a retail store and brought it home to eat it. In these cases, the people sickened can contact us to help them determine if they have a lawsuit against the grocery store and any other company. Our E. coli lawyers have won lettuce lawsuits in cases against restaurants, retailers, food companies and growers. You can call our law firm at 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free) or use the form on this page to request a free consultation with an attorney.

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