Three cases of Legionnaires’ disease are associated with the pool and spa at Summit Greens, a residential community for people 55 and over, located in Clermont, FL, just outside of Orlando. There are over 700 homes, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Two of the three people sickened have confirmed cases, according to FDH. One person, who tragically did not survive, did not have a laboratory confirmation before passing on. According to FDH, that person’s urine antigen test was not positive, but the department is awaiting the results of more accurate tests, which are expected in the next week or two.

The pool and spa are in the clubhouse complex, located at 1190 Summit Greens, Blvd. There is another company not affiliated with the home owners’ association that is paid to keep the pool and spa clean. That company performed a remediation on June, 8, 2017.

Legionella Pneumophila Testing
Testing for Legionella bacteria (CDC)

An inspection of those areas prior to remediation found “good conditions” for the growth of Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease, according to FDH-Lake County.

Others who used or where near the spa or pool on or before June 6, 2017, should watch for symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease because the incubation period is two weeks. This illness transmitted by breathing in water mist containing Legionella, so even if you were close to the spa, if that is the source, you may be at risk.

There have been 20 cases in the Orlando area this year. These three in Lake County and seventeen in Orange County, including 3 L.A. Fitness gyms associated with 7 cases of Legionnaires’ disease. The L.A. Fitness gyms are located on Kirkman road and South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando and on Silver Star Road in Ocoee.

Fred Pritzker
Attorney Fred Pritzker

“The proliferation of illnesses is unusual. For prevention purposes, it will be important to determine if these 20 cases have some common denominator,” said attorney Fred Pritzker, who represents people in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against building owners whose water systems cause this deadly disease.

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