Legionnaires’ Disease: 3 L.A. Fitness Gyms in Orlando and Ocoee Investigated

Our law firm represents people diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. In Florida, there are at least seven people sickened after visiting one of three L.A. Fitness gyms in Orange County, according to the Florida Department of Health (FDH):

  • 4792 South Kirkman Road, Orlando;
  • 12700 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando;
  • 1560 Silver Star Road, Ocoee.

These cases were reported from late February to late May of this year.

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“Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by breathing in water mist containing Legionella bacterium,” explains lawyer Fred Pritzker. “Patients experience severe pain and many do not survive.” Fred can be contacted at 1-888-377-8900 (toll free).

How Does Someone Get Legionnaires’ Disease at a Gym?

People get Legionnaires’ disease by breathing in or aspirating water contaminated with Legionella bacteria. At the gym, this could be in the shower, a sauna, a hot tub or pool, where tiny droplets of water can get into the nose.

Legionella Bacteria with Flagella

For example, Person A steps into a shower not knowing Legionella are lurking in the shower head. As the water moves from the pipes through the holes of the head, cells of the bacteria are picked up. One very tiny, contaminated droplet is sprayed close enough to the nostril to be breathed into the lungs, where the bacteria find a perfect environment for them to multiply and cause infection, in this case, pneumonia. Person A spends weeks in the hospital and has permanent lung damage.

What rights does Person A have? Should the owner of the gym (and maybe a company that improperly maintained the water system) be held accountable?

If you were diagnosed with Legionnaires’ pneumonia after visiting any of the L.A. Fitness gyms listed above, you may have the right to sue for compensation. Our Legionnaires’ disease lawyers have helped many people get settlement payouts from owners of gyms and others. We can help you. It is easy to contact us. You can call 1-888-377-8900 (toll free) or use our free consultation form (click here).  Our attorneys will help you know if you have a lawsuit and how much your Legionnaires’ disease case is worth.

L.A. Fitness Investigation

Legionella bacteria grow in water, and particularly like it warm. Owners of gyms, like L.A. Fitness, are responsible for making sure Legionella hot spots are appropriately cleaned and disinfected. With hot tubs, there are usually manufacturer recommendations for cleaning that should be followed. Building owners can also test water to make sure these dangerous bacteria are not present.

In most outbreaks, the investigation finds evidence of negligent maintenance, unsanitary conditions and/or equipment malfunction. In addition, water sources are generally tested for the presence of Legionella. Because this pathogen can be slow to grow in a testing environment, it can take weeks to get the results.

FDH health inspectors went to the Kirkman Road and Orange Blossom Train locations on June 9. They found “conditions were favorable for the bacteria” and that “showers and the spas at both locations were in need of treatment with a hydrochlorinated solution,” according to news reports (1). The Florida Department of Health just conducted its inspection of the two Orlando locations. It will be a few weeks before the test results are known.

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Source: 1. http://www.clickorlando.com/news/4-la-fitness-patrons-sick-with-legionnaires-disease-officials-say

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