Chicken & Rice Guys E. Coli, Lawyer Files Lawsuit

Our law firm has filed a lawsuit against Chicken and Rice Guys for E. coli food poisoning. Our clients is one of at least 15 people sickened in an E. coli outbreak associated with eating food from a Chicken & Rice Guys (CNR) truck or restaurant. To date, there are 15 reported cases, 9 of them people from Boston.

Our E.coli attorneys filed the suit on April 18, 2017. To contact our legal team about a lawsuit for compensation, call 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free) or use our online free consultation form and note that you want to talk with them about your case. Please note that this is not a class action and that our national food safety law firm files individual suits on behalf of people sickened in outbreaks.

Ten of the 15 people sickened in this outbreak were hospitalized. E. coli can cause severe dehydration, colitis, and other serious health problems, some of them permanent.

E. coli
E. coli clings to the lining of the colon using its long, whip-like peritrichous flagellae and finer fimbriae. Image: CDC/ James Archer. Illustrators: Alissa Eckert and Jennifer Oosthuizen.

Evidence points to The Chicken & Rice Guys. Ten of the 15 people sickened reported eating food from a CNR truck or restaurant, according to the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) and Inspectional Services Department (ISC).

BPHC got the first report of a confirmed case of E. coli poisoning on April 5, 2017. Today, ISC issued a temporary permit suspension to all The Chicken & Rice Guy establishments in Boston. The company owns 4 food trucks and 5 brick-and-mortar establishments located in the following areas:

  • Allston
  • Bedford Street
  • Boston’s Prudential Center (a pop-up)
  • Downtown Crossing
  • Medford

The investigation is focused on finding the source of the outbreak. The possible causes are contaminated food, contaminated water, or a sick food handler, an employee who had an E. coli infection and did not wash his or her hands well after having a bowel movement.

“If a food product is suspected, a traceback investigation will be done to determine where the contamination happened,” said Fred Pritzker, the lead attorney with our E.coli legal team.

E. coli

E. coli Lawsuit

If you have been sickened in this outbreak, you may have the right to sue for compensation, including hospital and other medical expenses, lost wages, and amounts for pain and suffering. Contact our law firm for a free consultation.

Attorney Fred Pritzker and his team of E. coli lawyers have won millions for clients sickened in other outbreaks, including $4.5 million for one client with E. coli-HUS who now has permanent kidney damage. She ate at a restaurant to celebrate her graduation from high school and, a few days later, was in the hospital fighting for her life.

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