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E. coli Outbreak Update

The CDC reports that nine people are infected with the outbreak strains of E. coli O157 infections in two states:

  • Minnesota (4 from the Twin Cities and 3 from greater Minnesota);
  • Wisconsin (2).

Two people have been hospitalized. Although most outbreaks like this one include cases of a severe complication called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), none have been reported in this outbreak. HUS generally manifests within a few days after contracting an E. coli infection, with its primary symptom being reduced urine output due to kidney damage.

The seven Minnesota cases and at least one of the Wisconsin cases were exposed to the implicated alfalfa sprouts from a variety of locations, including grocery/cooperative stores, restaurants, salad bars and commercial food service.

Jack Green Sprouts Recall

The dates of onset of illness range from January 17, 2016 through February 8, 2016.

Collaborative investigation efforts of the FDA, CDC, the Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection indicate that sprouts produced by Jack & the Green Sprouts, Inc. are the likely source of this outbreak.

Jack & the Green Sprouts Recall

Jack Sprouts Recall EcoliJack & the Green Sprouts, Inc. issued a recall of all alfalfa and alfalfa onion products on February 26, 2016. The recall was issued in response to the outbreak discussed above.

Jack & The Green Sprouts alfalfa sprouts may be packaged in a plastic clamshell with a brightly colored round label on top that notes the sprout variety. The alfalfa sprouts may be mixed in the same package with other sprout varieties.

The FDA is working with the states to conduct traceback investigations and collect samples for testing, thereby determining the source of the outbreak.

Testing completed to date has not identified the source and the contamination is unknown: “Currently, there is no evidence that any products produced by Jack & The Green Sprouts are contaminated,” Jack & the Green Sprouts said in a news release .

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