5 people in Minnesota have been sickened in an E. coli outbreak associated with eating at Pizza Ranch, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Pizza dough is the likely source of the outbreak. It is not yet known how the contamination occurred.

People in other states have also been sickened.

At least one person developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of an E. coli infection that causes kidney failure.

Attorney Ryan Osterholm Representing Child Sickened after Eating at Pizza Ranch

Pizza E. coli

Attorney Ryan Osterholm is representing a child in Kansas who was sickened in this outbreak. We are a national food safety law firm that is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We help people throughout the United States hold corporate wrongdoers accountable.

Ryan and our Bad Bug Law Team are in the preliminary stages of investigating this outbreak associated with pizza dough used at Pizza Ranch restaurants. In addition to the 5 sickened in Minnesota, one child was sickened in Kansas. Pizza Ranch has restaurants in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Please contact our law firm if you or your child was sickened in this outbreak.

Can Our Family Sue Pizza Ranch for E. coli Food Poisoning?

Yes, if the case can be connected to Pizza Ranch by epidemiological and/or microbiological evidence. E. coli isolates from stool samples (taken from patients), food samples, and various locations in restaurants underwent DNA testing called pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE). This process finds the DNA patterns of bacteria. When patterns are matching, it is solid evidence of a connection.

In addition, epidemiological evidence gleaned from interviews with people who were sickened can help pinpoint the source of an outbreak.