Boston College Norovirus Outbreak, Lawyer Investigating Lawsuit

The Boston College norovirus outbreak has sickened at least 120 students, almost all of whom ate at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle before onset of illness, according to Boston College officials:

Public Health authorities have confirmed the presence of Norovirus among Boston College students. More than 120 BC students have reported to BC Health Services with symptoms consistent with the Norovirus. Nearly all cases are related to students who ate at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle during the past weekend (Dr. Thomas Nary, M.D. from letter emailed December 9, 2015).

The Chipotle restaurant at Cleveland Circle was closed after the reports of illness consistent with a norovirus infection. A City of Boston inspection on December 7, 2015, found the following critical violations of the state health code at that location:

  1. 03-3-501.16 (Hot Holding): Chicken on the service line is 128F and steak is 124F. Provide proper hot holding of 140F or above.
  2. 11-2-201.12 (Personnel w/ Infections Restricted/Excluded): There was an employee that was sick during their shift on Thursday.
  3. M-2-103.11 (PIC Performing Duties): 8-404.11- There are multiple reports of foodborne illness from this location. This is poses an imminent health hazard and the establishment has been temporarily closed until further notice.

Norovirus can be transmitted via contaminated food or a sick food handler. Our law firm has handled both kinds of cases.

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