MN Lawyer Warns Metal-on-Metal Hip Patients of Scam

Dishonest people are trying to scam metal-on-metal hip patients who were injured by the devices and filed lawsuits for compensation.

The scam is generally one of the following:

  1. The patient gets a phone call from someone who says he or she is from the FDA or other federal entity. The caller tells the patient that settlement funds will be released to the patient if the patient pays a processing fee. The caller tells the patient to purchase a green money pack card from a retailer and to tell the caller the scratch-off code on the card.
  2. The patient gets a phone call from someone who says he or she is from the FDA or another federal entity.  The caller says the patient has settlement money and asks for the patient’s bank account information to transfer the money.

These are scams. You will not get your settlement money in this way. You should never provide your bank account information over the phone, particularly to someone you do not know.

Our attorneys will tell you how much money you will receive and how that money will be transferred to you.

Right now we are working closely with our DePuy ASR clients involved in the recent settlement (those that have had a revision prior to Aug. 31, 2013). Each of our clients has been contacted by us, and  we are in touch with them almost daily at this point getting them enrolled in the settlement (deadline April 1).

If you are one of our DePuy ASR clients and have not been contacted by one of the 3 attorneys above about the settlement, it means your case is not part of the settlement. You should not buy into any of the scams going around. If you have any questions, contact us at 1-888-377-8900 (toll free).

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