Legionnaires’ Disease Pneumonia from Hotel or Fitness Club Hot Tub, Lawyers Warn

Attorney Fred Pritzker and his Bad Bug Law Team are warning hotel and fitness club patrons that dirty hot tubs can be a source of Legionnaires’ disease. If a hot tub is not cleaned and disinfected enough it can become contaminated with Legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.  A hotel or fitness club patron can get infected with Legionella when he or she breathes in water vapor or mist from the contaminated hot tub.

“It is the hot tub owner’s responsibility to keep the hot tub clean and free of dangerous pathogens like Legionnaires’ disease,” said Fred, who represents Legionnaires’ disease victims in personal injury lawsuits against hotels, fitness clubs, nursing homes, hospitals and others.

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by inhaling water contaminated with Legionella bacterium. This pneumonia is sometimes called Legionella pneumonia. These microscopic pathogens like warm water best, making hot tubs a good environment in which they can thrive.

Legionella Bacteria with Flagella
Legionella bacteria magnified 15,000 times.

4 Questions to Ask a Hotel or Fitness Club Manager before Using the Hot Tub

Because high water temperatures in hot tubs make it difficult to maintain the disinfectant levels needed to kill dangerous germs like Legionella, making sure that the hot tub has the right disinfectant and pH levels is essential. Below are 4 questions you should ask a hotel, fitness club, motel, resort or other hot tub owner before using the hot tub.

  1. What was the most recent health inspection score for the hot tub?
  2. Are disinfectant and pH levels checked at least twice per day and is the person checking the pH level trained?
  3. Are disinfectant and pH levels checked more often when the hot tub is being used by a lot of people?
  4. Are the following maintenance activities performed regularly: 1) removal of the slime or biofilm layer by scrubbing and cleaning; 2) replacement of the hot tub water filter according to manufacturer’s recommendations; and 3) replacement of hot tub water.

Can I Sue a Hotel or Fitness Club for Legionnaires’ Disease?

Yes, depending on the facts of your case. Fred and his team have handled personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Fred and attorney Eric Hageman are our lead lawyers for these lawsuits.  You can contact them for a FREE consultation here.

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